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2 August 2022 1  August 11...   2 August 2022 2  Tank 51 fire... Missing Child Summer Wells Found Look Again Under Here Trailer Cctv Buying Tools  - Missing child   Summer Wells found -... Summer Wells Mother Arrested For Murder Cant Breathe Other Bad Things Look Again  - Summer Wells mother arrested for mur... 12 Oct 2021 6 Charles Vallow, breaking news, 3 additional murders were committed by Tylee Ryan, not what they think, numbers, bodies buried here at the San Tan Mountain Regional Park... 1662 05 May 2006 Found - on July 22, 2018, Multiple People Were Shot in the Greektown District of Toronto, Canada. Two C... 2 August 2022 3 san severino castle can see the smoke from s1 or 51... 5578 April 11 2014 2 - 397 - 3am Jackson Shooting April 18th 2:07 Am James Buchanan Drive 414 Was Just Released, Cop Kil... 6884 12 September 4 - Spouse Abuse Why 46137 Police Office 7754636600 a 124, He Has Killed 17 People, Do Not Shoot... March 27 2013 7 Jennifer Michael Is Having Affair With Jessica Work Lobby Hotel 361-1211 4-1 Look at Phone... 30 June 2021 5 Summer Wells Located, Mother Arrested, Not Her Rose Took Her Numbers  - Summer Wells located... 1 April 2022 6   Lottery numbers for April 2022, Australia... 12882 20 March 2020 4 - Bubbles In The Sky Bonus (as Far As I Know, There Is No Such Lottery Called This)... Oct 2005 Daniel and John  ... 5206 November 30 2013 3 - Ship Sinks Tears for the Children... Mollie Tibbetts Missing 694940094001 5817361006001 5817357658001 Vs Found Psychic - In the Sky. -  Dream Number 8851 11 ... 7917 24 November 2016 5 - Major World Lottery Numbers For 10, Yes 10 Lotteries For The Month Of January 2017 (will Post ... 29 June 2021 1 Summer Wells Found Arrest Made This Is Her She Keeps Washing Her Hands Cctv Look At What She Bought  - Su... 30 June 2021 2 Summer Wells Mother Arrested For Murder Cant Breathe Other Bad Things Look Again Searches Just Miss  - Su... 8959 8 July 2017 1 - Church Burns While People Cheer - Dream Number 8812 4 June 2017 5... 9174 13 August 2017 3 - Jared Tuck Helen Love Wonderful Joy September 2017 Honeymoon  - Dream Number 9174 13 August 2017... 6081 Trenton John Duckett Opened 5 18 2019 By Psychic Brian Ladd - June 4th, 2018 France Lotto, All Numbers Matched a Dr... 16 Nov 2021 8  sun, next week... 1835 06 June 2006... 4355 02 February 2010... 4 July 2021 3 - Summer wells located - numbers - marks found on this object prove she was murdered - under bed - look ag... 6 July 2021 5 Summer Wells Located Going To Take Another In July Washing Hands Numbers  - Summer Wells located - going t... 14896 19 May 2021 4 - Shooter.... 8744 15 May 2017 1 - 9 30 2017 Fire Solar Activity - Dream Number 9327 16 September 2017 3... 5172 November 17 2013 2 - Ka3ahb (Should Say Kaeahb Which I Think Is a Persons Last Name) Go Around Winds 180 0 25 Knots... 

This dream from July 2nd and another in June of 2022 is about the Highland Park parade shooting on July 4th 2022  Play album slideshow


2022 San Antonio trailer deaths, the phone number on this dream from June 12th, 2022 seems to be related to this event however I could not match anything else, so a 10% probability of correctness  Play album slideshow


These two dreams, one from April 9th and the other from May 4th, 2022 seem to be related to the May 4th, 2022 Buffalo shooting. One of the numbers on the DD, without a doubt, proves this is the same person. Not sure about the other numbers on the dds.  Play album slideshow


One month, April 2022, later and this dream about the USA Powerball Lottery almost came true!!  Play album slideshow


This dream from March 5th 2022 may be the man accused of setting a fire at a Home Depot on April 9th of the same year, to me, my drawing looks like the man but the rest of the dream does not seem to make any sense.  Play album slideshow


Bob Dole dies on December 5th, 2021 - this may be him but dream says Robert  Play album slideshow


The Oxford High School shooting on November 30th 2021 was predicted by a dream from November 15th. 21st and 28th. I cannot say any more of this other than just read the DD's closely  Play album slideshow


Again!! USA Powerball, look at these 2 dreams from earlier this month! 666 won and so did 20 plus people! Next month is 777, just search past dreams for the rest!  Play album slideshow


2021 Waukesha Christmas parade car rampage, Without a doubt this dream from November 18th, 2021 is related, if you're interested in helping with this, please research other data on the dream.  Play album slideshow


Missing girl Cleo Smith located - these dreams are related and may have helped locate her.  Play album slideshow


A crowd surge at the Astroworld Festival in Houston killed eight people and injured dozens more on November 5th, 2021, without any doubt this dream from November 3rd is related -I'm not going to translate this due to its nature and upcoming events.  Play album slideshow


Missing child Elijah Lewis located, sadly this dream came true, the locations on these 2 separate dreams seem to match the exact area where she was found  Play album slideshow


The death of Halyna Hutchins maybe related to this dream in May of 2020 and October of 2021  Play album slideshow


Alec Baldwin murder and arrest? no clue but this dream from October 20th 2021 is just crazy  Play album slideshow


October 20th 2021 The remains of missing and wanted man Brian Laundie are located near this lighthouse, the same lighthouse that has been in over 20 dreams related to this case. There is a much more important event to take place, these are the link...  Play album slideshow


Dream on October 9th 2021 says Million Day Lottery 44 36 49 51 3 - on October 11th 2021 this is that lotteries results 3 36 44 49 51  Play album slideshow


Earthquake of magnitude 6.2 strikes south of Hawaii Island Naalehu on October 10th 2021 USGS  Play album slideshow



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